ZF-10015: add tests Zend_Log_Writer_SyslogTest and Zend_Log_Writer_ZendMonitorTest


The issue ZF-7603 was reopened (by Freeaqingme) request that the tests were added, but not exists Zend_Log_Writer_SyslogTest. Also not exists test to Zend_Log_Writer_ZendMonitor.

Freeaqingme suggested (in discussion adding of: Zend_Log_Writer_SyslogTest Zend_Log_Writer_ZendMonitorTest


Unfortunately, there are issues in writing tests for both of these log writers. In each case, the only meaningful tests we could write are integration tests, not unit tests, as there is no real way to stub out the functionality. Integration tests for syslog would require that they be run only by a privileged user (since the system logs are generally readable only by root on *nix machines, and often only by Administrators on Windows machines) -- and this has security implications.

As for a ZendMonitor test suite, there is no API for retrieving the messages once logged.

Fixed in trunk r22530.

Applied in branch release-1.10 r22532.