ZF-10033: Initialize Zend_Db_Table_Abstract metadata cache from application configuration


I want to define the metadata's cache from application configuration. Zend_Db::factory() can not define logically the cache for metadata of DbTables. So, I think that is the resource Db allow that.


Will evaluate later (probably in 24 hours). Thanks for the patch with unittests (that's what makes a maintainer happy)

Fix Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Exception: Resource matching "CacheManager" not found

Fix the dependency between the two unit tests. The metadata cache is stored in a static attribut. So we have to clean it after a test.

I have not found how to delete the previous patch.

I keep getting this error:

1) Zend_Application_Resource_DbTest::testSetDefaultMetadataCache
Zend_Cache_Exception: file Zend/Cache/Backend/Blackhole.php not found in include_path


Fix the compatibilty with a case sensitive filesystem. Sorry, I did not know how the method Zend_Cache::__normalizeName() works for backends using multiple words.

The documentation for this new configuration key in english and french.

Patches have been applied. Thank you.