ZF-10041: Incorrect digit grouping for Japanese numbers


Zend_Locale_Format::toNumber incorrectly groups the digits of Japanese numbers:

$currency = Zend_Locale_Format::toNumber(12345.67, array( 'precision' => 2, 'locale' => 'ja_JP' // or equally just 'ja' ) ); print $currency // prints 12,345.67 instead of 1,2345.67

See for confirmation of the requirement.


According to Unicode the numbering for japanese numbers is "#,##0.###". Decimal is "." and grouping is ",".

This means that a number like "1234567.89" has to be displayed like


If this is not correct, then please add an issue to Unicode/CLDR ( as Zend Framework as also several other frameworks like Java are using CLDR as source for I18n handling.

Therefor closing as non-issue for ZF.

PS: Note that we are not allowed/will not change the content of CLDR within ZF.