ZF-10054: Extension Slash always writes slash:comments to the Feed


There is a difference between Zend_Feed_Writer_Extension_Slash_Renderer_Entry and the other Extensions

in line 84 of Zend_Feed_Writer_Extension_Slash_Renderer_Entry $count is set to 0 if the result of $this->getDataContainer()->getCommentCount() is false. This is the reason why the tag is always written. In the methods of the other Extensions there will be returned if the result of the related get-Method is false and the tags are not written.

It is not possible to disable the loading of the coreExtensions because of the included get/set methods in the Zend_Feed_Writer Classes, so i cannot avoid the output of this tag.

is there a special reason in this case why there will be not returned or is it easy possible to get this changed in the next releases?


Fixed in r23077