ZF-10117: Zend_Rest_Route documentation should be updated


It looks like Zend_Rest_Route has been updated several times to incorporate features as needed; however, it seems that the documentation has not kept up with this pace.

While not much documentation is needed for this component, there are some fundamental topics that should be given notice so as to not confuse potential users of this component.

Using the URL helper (what do urls look like if I do..., how do I generate "this" url?)

Using the URL helper for edit|new urls

Extending the Zend_Rest_Controller abstract class

Not extending the Zend_Rest_Controller abstract class

Handling edit/new


I think this would be really good. You've got a good handle on the URL helper now Wil and if you're willing to I think you have a great perspective for writing the updated docs. Just FYI, the routing doc is under Zend_Controller.

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