ZF-10134: Enclosure Problem within unittests


When running the unittestbed (AllTests) under the minimum required PHP release for the framework (5.2.4), it fails.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' in C:\Voxtronic\
3rdParty\Zend Framework\tests\Zend\Loader\AutoloaderTest.php on line 394

Reason is that the test is written for PHP 5.3 but PHP 5.2 fails to read the code. So the complete unittest fails by design.

It would be better to extract the related code into a own php file which is called/included when the release is >= 5.3.

Actually it is not possible to run AllTests under the 5.2 branch.


The world cup finale is going on at this moment. I'm not sure anybody cares about ZF and/or its issues.

Fixed with r22969.