ZF-10153: Provide support for nillable types in a WSDL file.


The Auto Discovery process happily identifies all the properties of a complexType.

One of the issues I've come across is that some of the time, the properties will be null and the attribute xsi:nil="true" will be used for the element in the response.

This seems to be an issue for .NET clients. Sometimes. I think it only relates to specific types (xsd:dateTime for example).

By having the attribute nillable="true" in the WSDL file, then the response's nil attribute all ties up.…=

How do I proceed from here? I assume someone wise here will review this?


Richard Quadling.


could you send wsdl files? both, the one that works and the other one just to check complex type attributes

.net clients/servers have a problem with xsi:nil, they use this att to show up that an attribute actually does not exist, there is another notation to send a null value

nillable looks like a nice workaround for this issue, but remember this one can't be used with xsi:nil when nillable is false value is false