ZF-10155: Support for atom tag icon


I'm using Zend_Feed_Writer and I noticed that it is not possible to generate an Atom tag icon. I decided to study the code and implement this tag. I'm attaching the patch I create. Not sure if this is useful for the component and not sure if I implemented this functionality in a good way since this is my first contact with Zend_Framework.

If it is useful but the code is not code I'm willing to improved based on the feedback of other developers.


Rodrigo, thank you for your patch, and willingness to contribute to Zend Framework.

You have not yet signed the CLA which is a requirement for any code from yourself to be included in the codebase.

Please read the Contributng to Zend Framework Guide here… And you can find the CLA to be printed, signed and then emailed, or faxed here…

Ok, thanks Ryan. I just sent an e-mail with the CLA signed.

Implemented in r23090 for ZF 1.11 :P