ZF-10167: Format converting php natural => Zend_date failed for escaping backslash


When we use format for Zend_Date which use escaped part it is not works. Example:

include_once 'Zend/Date.php'; Zend_Date::setOptions(array('format_type' => 'php')); $now = Zend_Date::now(); echo $now->toString('\Y\e\a\r: Y');


Year: 2010


\2010\System/Localtime\PM\Fri, 16 Jul 2010 14:42:22 +0300: 2010


And why is this a bug? The backslash is no proper character for date formats within Zend_Date.

I think the point is that one can't escape letters, to make sure they're displayed on as-is basis.

But a feature which is not supported is not a bug. It's a not supported feature.

So "new feature" would be the expected issuetype in my opinion.… There absent information about this behavior, then i expect 100% working of my old php date formats.

Lets add some information to documentation.