ZF-10180: Add Default Page Range As Static Property


It would be helpful to have default page range be available as a static property on Zend_Paginator. There is already a static property for default item count per page. At the moment, to maintain consistent pagination controls, the page range must be set on each individual instance of Zend_Pagintator.

Patch against 1.10.6 to follow.


Patch against 1.10.6 to enable a static property for default page range.


I notice that you do not appear to have a cla on file, please could you sign the CLA as detailed here:…

Without this, your patch cannot be accepted into the codebase.

Thank you

Already exists a propose similar the this ZF-9174.

Thanks by your report.

I'll send the CLA in later today. Should I add the patch to ZF-9174 or just leave it here?

You can let right here.

Thanks advance.

Hi Ryan,

My CLA has been processed. Please feel free to review and/or integrate my page range patch as you see fit.