ZF-10198: Zend_OpenId_Provider's documentation is not very useful


The documentation for Zend_OpenId_Provider is very confusing and not useful.

I have an existing website that I want to turn into an OpenID provider. All my user accounts are stored in a mysql table.

I figured since an OpenID is represented as a URL, I am going to do something like:

I've setup a subdomain, and created an htaccess that redirects all URLs to /login.php?username=[username]

The way I see it, and tell me if I'm wrong, someone goes to let's say StackOverflow, they enter They get to a page on my server that asks for their password (since I already know their username), I check that it matches, and return the key?

People online recommended using Zend_OpenId_Provider. I've been reading the documentation (…), but I find it very confusing. There is no real world example where the user login/password are stored in a database.

It seems to be a pretty common thing to do.

See original question on StackOverflow:…


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