ZF-10220: Zend_Cache_Manager has no way to get all the caches



Sometime is usefull to get the list of all the caches handled by cache manager.

However, even if the cache manager has a protected

protected $_caches = array();

it doesn't offer any way to return back all the caches (or caches names).

This could be useful in certain situations, i would only mention the need to cleanup all the caches...


Btw, i'we mtioned cleaning all the caches as a trivial task. I think would worth adding such method as well.

-> added method Zend_Cache_Manager::getCaches() returning an array contains all available caches with it's names

waiting for padaric to reviewing changes related to adding this method (removing option template "skeleton" & using default options of file backend by default)

patch commit in r22727 (trunk) & r22728 (1.10 branch)