ZF-10254: jQuery does not show up if jQuery UI is disabled


This bug is kinda related to this issue:

When you disable jQuery UI the basic library jQuery is also disabled. This is because in ZendX/JQuery/View/Helper/JQuery/Container.php the variable $_enabled is set to false. Reason that jQuery library appears when UI is enabled is in method uiEnable (in the same file), because there is a call to $this->enable().


Hi Sandi,

can you show us your implementation?

The Following code seems to work properly: ```

Everything does work as expected. (ZF1.11) You may want to upgrade to the newest version.

Hi [~renepardon]

[~sverde1] is if refered the ZendX_Application_Resource_Jquery.

Attached that have break BC. But no sense if not was enabled Jquery UI, the plugin resource not should have this behavior of enabled Jquery UI per default. Already that in ZendX_Jquery the Jquery UI is disabled per default.


I checked again in new version of ZF (1.11.0) and it still doesn't work. As Ramon Henrique Ornelas said I am talking about jQuery Resource.

I can confirm that this is not working in Version 1.11.1 too.

sorry, i commented on the wrong issue... please ignore my former comment

Fixed in trunk r23720 merged to branch release 1.11 r23721.