ZF-10276: Finnish translation for Zend_Validate messages


Includes fi_FI translation for Zend_Validate


The attached resource files adds 33 errors. Please solve these 33 errors so we can add it to our core. See "resources/AllTests" for details on the failed tests for the language "fi"

What a tedious job :( "phpunit AllTests.php | grep \'fi | wc -l" returns 22 atm.

I did this for 1.10.7. How dynamic these message templates really are? Am I supposed to fix this many keys in translation file between every minor release, only because the English template was modified? Wouldn't it be better if the keys were "real" template keys e.g. 'ipInvalid', 'notIpAddress', etc.

For example what's the value of this kind of changes: "Invalid type given, value should be a string" => "Invalid type given. String expected"

In my opinion this is not any better English, only marginally shorter and as user friendly as the previous one. Some of the changes were reasonable for example

"Luhn algorithm (mod-10 checksum) failed on '%value%'" => "'%value%' seems to contain an invalid checksum"

which is much more user friendly.

So let me ask. What's the real purpose of these translation files? Straight translations for English ones, giving more information for developer or not straight ones being more user friendly. In production, I'm using much simpler translations to achieve better user experience, but here I thought that the straight translations fit better in ZF resources. It's not easy to serve both purposes from one resource file. Refering to the discussion in Swedish resource file has been erased, because it was complained not to be Swedish. I think that it is as much Swedish as my Finnish resource file is Finnish. It is the language what developers tend to write in their error messages.

New resource files will only be included for 1.11 as they are no bug fix.

This means of course that these resource files have to be correct at the time when they are integrated into ZF. It would be no good way to integrate files when we know that they have missing content.

Regarding dynamic: These messages are not very dynamic.

Still there was the problem that many original strings were not identical... 4 different strings for the same purpose. This has been fixed for 1.11 and therefor also some of the resource strings change for 1.11.

Also to note that when there are new validators also new resource strings are available. These should be translated for each new minor release.

Regarding purpose: These files are just a help. In past every developer had to do these translations himself. Now ZF provides them out of the box. But this does not mean that you have to use them... you can still do your own translations when you feel that you need a simpler translation as mentioned by you.

Regarding template keys: No this would be no good way. Reason is that untranslated strings would be returned as "key" instead of string... this would lead to users having "notRead" instead of "the file is not readable"... for a user it's still better to get a english source string returned instead of a unreadable key.

Regarding swedish: Some swedish members said that these resource files are not correct and should be removed. When even some swedish people say that than we non swedish speaking people should believe it. All members are free to correct these translation or to answer the mail which you are referring to. As this has not been done until now there must be something correct on what those swedish members said.

Updated Finnish resource file for 1.11

Thomas thanks for anwering... I will check what I can do with sv translation file.

Implemented with r22814

Regarding swedish resource files you may want to contact Danny Fröhberg and Andy Jannson by Mailinglist