ZF-10285: Some Zend_Validate_EmailAddress error messages are grammatically incorrect


INVALID_FORMAT '%value%' is no valid email address in the basic format local-part@hostname

INVALID_HOSTNAME '%hostname%' is no valid hostname for email address '%value%'

INVALID_LOCAL_PART '%localPart%' is no valid local part for email address '%value%'

These should all be changed from "is no valid..." to "is not a valid...".


Patch attached.

Patch attached that corrects these errors and updates translation keys to match.

This patch affects also the translation resources, and should be reviewed by translators before being applied to the release branch. (I'll apply it to trunk regardless, however.)

Patch applied to trunk.

Note that the change with the translated resource files breaks the translation of all languages. Changing the key without the translation makes it impossible for the translation team to recognise that there was a change which has to be translated.

Hi Thomas. It is a pretty small change to the wording to make it read correctly. My assumption was that the translations would have been done with correct wording in the other languages already, despite the English key being grammatically incorrect. Is that an invalid assumption? If the translations are being done by native speakers of those languages, I can't see why they would have translated word-for-word to another grammatically incorrect translation but rather would have written the error message correctly in their languages. The meaning of the message wasn't changed so do you really see a need for this to be re-translated?

If I'm assuming too much here, please let me know and I will attach a revised patch to roll back the keys so the translation team will see the change.

False assumtion

A translation is always based on a foreign language. This means different gramatics, different syntax and different meanings on different words. Changing one word can lead to a different meaning in a non-english language.

Example: "No valid key found" = "Es wurde kein gültiger Schlüssel gefunden" "Not a valid key found" = "Nicht ein einziger gültiger Schlüssel wurde gefunden"

The thing is that when you change the key within the translation itself, no one from the translation team can verify/check if there is a change necessary or not because the testbed does not show that there was a change which has to be reviewed.

When you change the english resource file, but not the translation files the translation team will see the change/work automatically and check for details.

Integrated with GH-260 to ZF2 Attaching to Marc as he did the main work

I've commited fix for polish language