ZF-10295: Redirect is not accepting any custom urls


The Zend_Oauth_Consumer redirect method is not accepting any custom Zend_Oauth_Http_UserAuthorization's. This is caused by an incorrect call to getRedirectUrl method.

 public function redirect(
        array $customServiceParameters = null,
        Zend_Oauth_Http_UserAuthorization $request = null
    ) {
// This call is missing a parameter when a $request has been specified
        $redirectUrl = $this->getRedirectUrl($customServiceParameters, $request);
        header('Location: ' . $redirectUrl);

// This method is expecting the second parameter to be a Token_Request
 public function getRedirectUrl(
        array $customServiceParameters = null,
        Zend_Oauth_Token_Request $token = null,
        Zend_Oauth_Http_UserAuthorization $redirect = null
    ) {


Fixed in r23078