ZF-10327: ZendX_Application_Resource_Jquery does not allow CDN_SSL


The current application resource for Jquery does not allow cdn_ssl to be enabled. This is explicitly disabled by the array_merge of the options with array('cdn_ssl' => false)

Here's my sample portion of the ini file

resources.Jquery.version = 1.4.2
resources.Jquery.ui_enable = true
resources.Jquery.ui_version = 1.8.4
resources.Jquery.cdn_ssl = true
resources.Jquery.stylesheet = ""

But the configuration for 'cdn_ssl' is ignored because it is merged with an array where it is set to false

    protected function _parseOptions(array $options)
        $options = array_merge($options, array('cdn_ssl' => false));

If there's a reason for it being done, I can't find any documentation for it.

The fix would be just to remove the array_merge. The workaround is to set ``` but this defeats the purpose of having that configurability in the resource. I need cdn_ssl to prevent mixed-mode when other resources are made available over SSL.


Patch attached

Patch applied to trunk and 1.11 release branch.