ZF-10363: newest Version from


It would be awesome if Zend_Version would provide a function wich returns the newest framework version from

Something like: echo Zend_Version::getLatest(); .


I decided to create an Issue just if someone smarter than me could do this. But i will try it myself to.

Cool idea.

Please note that there's this api you should be able to use:

Why do you need?

@schimmel o didn't know that... very good.

@durand for example am i showing the current ZF version in my system module. it would be great to see if there's a new version available. shure theres mailing list, rss, bla bla bla... but simple: why not ;-)

Taking the cue i think it would be nice if we had a tag latest in the svn allow add svn:externals without need changes in each release ;).

Patch, unit test, doc en and fr

Add phpdoc @group in unit test