ZF-10396: Add Action creates corrupt PHP


This is probably a reflection error, but I am experiencing this in the following environment:

Mac OSX MAMP Zend Tool via NetBeans IDE PHP 5.3*

*That is the MAMP version - its possible that an older version is driving the tool.

When I add an action to a controller, the actions are broken. Specifically, nested if(){}'s are poorly closed; i.e.,

if ($foo) { if ($bar) { if ($fey) { // body ... } } } ... } // controller end


if ($foo) { if ($bar) { if ($fey) { // body .... } ... } // controller end

This pattern is repeated across multiple controllers.


Hi there,

we are experiencing the same on Ubuntu, PHP 5.2, ZF from SVN and ZF tool from Ubuntu repo.

Additionally docblocks are getting one extra line, and there is as well an additional empty line between functions

/** * test */

becomes /** * test * */

The breaking of if statements is for us critical, and often the removed brace is difficult to find.

regards Tibor

This problem is related to Zend_Reflection_Method::getBody(). See issue ZF-9018.

Greetings Ramon

Removing fix version since this is flagged as a duplicate. No need for this to appear in a changelog for a version since there is no commit from this ticket on a release branch.