ZF-10485: Zend Barcode code39 invalid


At line 155 (in Code39.php) $barcodeTable[] = array(0 , 1);

this line causes invalid barcode generation. The width of line is not valid. If you drop the line, the generated barcode is correct.


I don't see the problem, this line add a 1px space (in case of image) between 2 encoded chars. In the worst case, I can understand that we have unnecessary white space before quiet.

Please, do you have a specific example? (you can add valid and invalid barcode image to this issue if you want)

After more reading, this is used to add a space between barcode element. Adding a extraspace at the end of the barcode have absolutely no impact on the rendering. That's why I close as "Cannot reproduce". Please provide more information if you want to reopen.