ZF-10509: Using the functionality of priority to give meaning to the log in the default error controller


Currently, the priority level used for logging is critical in all cases. It makes no sense, because there are differences between a error code 404 and 500 : * a code 500 represents a runtime exception * any resource that does not exist is redirected to the front controller. The traffic by robots or the search for files as the favicon for some browsers lead to an exception no controller. This could be an important source of spam * a typo or dead link can be the source of an exception no action * a configuration error on routes or only use static routes (or too specialized) should throw an exception no route

A code 500 should stay in critical priority, and we should lower the level at warning or notice for the code 404. This can be refined for code 404. An exception due to the absence of a route might need to be raised even in production.



Re-opening in order to re-assign fix version.