ZF-10563: WinCache Support


Zend Framework does not currently implement WinCache support. I've enclosed a copy of the relevant files, edited or created to add WinCache support.

The implementation currently includes the same API handlers found for the current APC caching implementation.

WinCache.php is added to Zend/Cache/Backend.…


I would love to include this. However, I need a few things first:

  • Unit tests. You can use an existing test case as a template.
  • Information on requirements to use it: I'm assuming IIS + WinCache, but some explanation of what we need in order to run the tests, as well as end-user docs for those wanting to use it, are necessary.

Thanks in advance!

As the implementation of the WinCache API is the same as the APC API, making a WincacheBackendTest.php from the ApcBackendTest.php file, replacing the Zend_Cache_Backend_Apc calls by Zend_Cache_Backend_Wincache calls, will probably do the trick (I am not quite familiar with these testings).

To make a test environment, you can easily install php on IIS with the "PHP Manager for IIS" on (fcgi mode and IIS >= 7). You'll need a NTS version of PHP and the wincache dll provided on

[~ezimuel] (Enrico Zimuel) completed this.

r23762, r23763, r23764 & r23765 in trunk and r23774 in release branch 1.11