ZF-10642: Zend_Validate_Db_Abstract -> "Invalid bind-variable name" with mysqli adapter


In 'getSelect' function 'field' parameter uses with ':value' replacement but Mysqli not support named parameters.

So validating throws exception 'Invalid bind-variable name'.

Version 1.11.0 $select->from($this->_table, array($this->_field), $this->_schema) ->where( $db->quoteIdentifier($this->_field, true).' = :value' );

Version 1.10.8 $select->from($this->_table, array($this->_field), $this->_schema) ->where($this->_adapter->quoteIdentifier($this->_field, true).' = ?', $value);


Can you please try the attached patch? I think this should work in both named and positional parameters.

FIxed in trunk at r23355 and in release branch 1.11 at 23356.