ZF-10662: Zend_Cache_Backend_Xcache::clean() does not support splitted Cache correctly


The clean method only cleans the variable cache #0, as you can see: xcache_clear_cache(XC_TYPE_VAR, 0);

However in a "SplittedCache" Configuration, which you get by setting xcache.var_count to something greater than 0, and which is recommended on mutli-cpu machines (see, the other caches (>0) are not cleaned, and thus may contain stale data.

Fix is pretty easy, replace the mentioned line with:

for ($i=0;$i<xcache_count(XC_TYPE_VAR);$i++) { xcache_clear_cache(XC_TYPE_VAR, $i); }


fixed in r23344 (trunk) and r23345 (1.11 branch)

Thanks !