ZF-10711: WinCache backend for Zend_Cache


Implementation of the WinCache support for Zend_Cache Backend (honestly, a simple fork of the APC files with implementation of the WinCache as their functionality are similar).…

The tar.gz file contains files, tests and documentation (follow the directory structure).

To test it, IIS is not mandatory, you just need a windows with a Non Thread Safe version of PHP (5.2 or 5.3) and the extension (see DOC inside the tar.gz)

Results on a Win2008 :

> phpunit --verbose WinCacheBackendTest.php

PHPUnit 3.4.15 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Zend_Cache_WinCacheBackendTest ......................................

Time: 0 seconds, Memory: 4.75Mb

OK (38 tests, 39 assertions)


Same functionality but I've corrected some bugs and made the tests file

[~ezimuel] (Enrico Zimuel) completed this.

r23762, r23763, r23764 & r23765 in trunk and r23774 in release branch 1.11