ZF-10766: Zend_Http_UserAgent incorrectly matches older "PPC Mac" user-agents running on PowerPC processors as Mobile


Zend_Http_UserAgent_Mobile matches user-agent strings containing " ppc". This pattern incorrectly matches Macintosh desktops running on PowerPC processors. A quick and easy fix will continue to match most mobile user agents containing " ppc" because they usually have a trailing semicolon, something the Mac PowerPC user-agents do not. So adding a semicolon to the " ppc" pattern to change it to " ppc;" will produce more accurate results and will correctly NOT match Macs on PowerPC processors.

A quick "googleing" of user-agents containing " ppc" shows that all mobile user-agents with " ppc" also match " ppc;" whereas all Macs on PowerPC processors do not match " ppc;"

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This appears to have been fixed in revision:23214