ZF-108: Document Framework Requirements


  • access to either MTA or "sendmail" equivalent for per use invocations via PHP's mail() * mod_rewrite (or equivalent) * PHP version * minimum versions of DB for each DB adapter * gd (some versions have memory leaks) * libjpeg - external dependency (used by gd) * etc.


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Example showing how to check for zlib extension:

public static function encode($data, $params = null)
43     {
44         if ($params != null) {
45             $data = self::_applyEncodeParams($data, $params);
46         }
48         if (extension_loaded('zlib')) {
49             $trackErrors = ini_get( "track_errors");
50             ini_set('track_errors', '1');
52             if (($output = @gzcompress($data)) === false) {
53                 ini_set('track_errors', $trackErrors);
54                 throw new Zend_Pdf_Exception($php_errormsg);
55             }
57             ini_set('track_errors', $trackErrors);
58         } else {
59             throw new Zend_Pdf_Exception('Not implemented yet');
60         }

Configuration checks like the one above, extension_loaded('zlib'), should be moved to installation or configuration, instead of placed in code that executes on every request. Zend_Environment will help support such checks.

The iconv extension is required for several ZF components.

This extension is included by default with PHP 5.1.4+, and removal requires also removing libxml (also required for ZF). Thus, it is unlikely people will lack access to iconv.

Changing fix version to unknown.

This issue should be resolved buy the section in the coding standards doc, specifically this section:…

This task can not be completed until the devteam decides what requirements should be documented (e.g. minimum required PHP extensions for the entire ZF, or per component, or all extensions/libraries that might be optionally be used, if present).

Revision 5084 contains preliminary information about Zend Framework requirements.

Requirements stated in revision 6049, which should be in ZF 1.0.2.

Updating to comply with new IT component conventions.