ZF-10818: Zend_Cache_Manager template 'skeleton' no longer available


According to the current documentation at… (bottom) their is a Zend_Cache_Manager template named 'skeleton', which is a so called "NULL cache". This template no longer exists since version 1.10.8. This template was removed at commit: r22727 ->…

I don't understand why this 'skeleton' template was removed. I guess some people are using this template. Please make a note in the documentation, that the 'skeleton' template is no longer available.



I think but sensible assign again the template skeleton.

Greetings Ramon

the "skeleton" cache template was removed to only have pre-defined templates which are usable without the need of additional configuration. -> Before you got an exception on getting the skeleton cache or on getting all defined caches. (implemented in r22727)

I'll update the documentation and create a migration part to this the next few days.

fixed in r23523 (trunk) & r23524 (1.11 branch)