ZF-10850: Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME, should map to CLDR's stand-alone month name


Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME can cause confuse in some languages. For example, in Finnish Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME evaluates to the conjugated form of the month name, "January" => "tammikuuta" (should be "Tammikuu"). I propose that Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME would be mapped to the "stand-alone" type month name instead of using "format" type month name of CLDR data. In CLDR xml-data this would be:

       ... (Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME)

Note 1: To make this change either 1) CLDR data should be normalized as there is no value for English "stand-alone" month name (ZF should have to wait this to be accomplished), 2) or Zend_Date will use "format" type name for languages with the same "format" and "stand-alone" type month names.

Note 2: Of course we still need "format" type month names, which can be conjugated in some languages. For this I propose a new constant Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME_FORMAT.

(Note 3: Atm. there is an issue in Finnish "stand-alone" month names in CLDR data. Those should start with the capitals.)


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