ZF-10908: fix on zend_cache save failure process


In the save method, if the backend returns a value positive you assume that the can be corrupted and you attempt to remove the given key in the cache, but this key can be changed by the save method ( to add prefix for example ) and it will be changed a seconde time in the remove method.

That's all

I use zf1.7 and zf1.9, this patch is made using the last zf version in the trunk but the problem affects all version from zf1.7 to the current.


oups, I just see that I haven't attached my patch... but now I don't find how to upload it.

[~samuel] Have you signed the CLA? Patches can't be accepted without a signed CLA. Your JIRA profile doesn't have you tagged to the zf-framework-dev group.

Yes I have. And I have an email confirming me that the cla is processed and my jira account is added to the contributor group. But it's the first time I try to use the patch uploader so maybe I never have been in the contributor group.

This case enter in contact with ralphschindler or weierophinney in on IRC.

Greetings Ramon

here is the patch. I hope everything is ok with it.

Am I supposed to do anything else ?

The problem only was on removing an item on a failed save using the already updated cache id but calling remove method of core and not directly of backend.

fixed in r23670 (trunk) & r23671 (1.11 branch)