ZF-10949: Zend_Date misses some stuff from RFC2822


From the beloved IRC: {quote} Fri, 14 Jan 2011 20:53:04 GMT Why does Zend_Date tell me that's not right acc. to rfc 2822? Freeaqingme TZ names are marked as obselete in the RFC, and the +XX is preferred perhaps so might be expecting +0000 instead still, 90%of all webservers give the obs-zone <|thomas_> Yes... RFC 2822 forces to have +/-0000 Timezone no hey, the RFC still says that it should accept obselete parts if its consistent zone = (( "+" / "-" ) 4DIGIT) / obs-zone that's what it says |thomas_ obselete is still supposed to be accepted according to the RFC as long as its not mixed. (2 digit years while obselete, still accepted 4 also) <|thomas_> But thats 822 so that datetime should be valid. |thomas_, the obselete 822 standard is incorporated in 2822, and should still be regarded valid |thomas_, do you want me to patch it? <|thomas_> That seems not to be the only problem... the spec I had and integrated seems to be outdated or partitially false. Please add an issue. There are also other differences I have to check according to the ABN[F] I just read{quote}


Detaching mini release as Zend_Date is reworked for ZF2. Feel free to add a patch to ZF1 but please keep the issue opened for integration to ZF2.

Thomas, do you mean we can apply the patch to zf1 as long as the issue is left open?

Yes. I completly switched to ZF2 and am working on rewrite of I18n components. Therefor please leave the issue opened after patching ZF1 so I can keep eye on it with the new ZF2 one. I want to keep known issues solved also in the new release.