ZF-10953: Bad offsetExists workaround in Zend_Registry class


I've tried Zend Framework on Quecus (Java implementation of the PHP) and found an issue which is related to your workaround of offsetExists in Zend_Registry class: {{{

public function offsetExists($index)
    return array_key_exists($index, $this);

}}} this goes to recursive call on Quecus. I believe you should do this workaround just if PHP version <= 5.2.0


Please note that the minimum required PHP version for Zend Framework since 1.7.0 has been PHP 5.2.4. As such, if the problem in Quercus is due to a PHP version <= 5.2.0, we cannot and will not support it.

Thanks for the response Matthew,

If minimum required version for the latest Zend framework is PHP 5.2.4. I think it would be good to remove offsetExists method from Zend_Registry class because you wrote it just to support PHP <= 5.2.0.

Quercus works just fine without this method too.