ZF-11019: [Zend_Cache_Backend_Static] Caching URIs with "0" as the file name


When caching URIs with "0" (0-digit) as the file name (eg. Zend_Cache_Backend_Static changes file name to the one set with "index_filename" property. Is`s because "empty" function is used in order to determine whether file name is set (thus being considered as directory index):

if(empty($fileName)) { $fileName = $this->_options['index_filename']; }

Code below fixes this issue:

if (strlen($fileName) === 0 || '/' === $fileName) { $fileName = $this->_options['index_filename']; }


fix commited to trunk (r23691)

Can you please test if this solves your problem - thanks

merged to trunk in r23692

sorry - wrong comment

merged to 1.11 branch