ZF-11080: Semantical Problem on case-insensitive filesystems


Some case insensitive filesystems ( such as HFS+ ) can present problems with this files :

Zend/Validate/Barcode/UpcA.php Zend/Validate/Barcode/Upca.php

On a case insentive fs this is translated to : zend/validate/barcode/upca.php ( lowercase ) , raising an exception.

Use cases :

Loading the class, svn checkout.

Possible solution :

Rename the file/class.


In current trunk, we only use "Upca" and never "UpcA" :… or…

Where do you find "UpcA"?

We are using the official release of 1.11.0 Final…

The case of the filename changed with r19692 (2009-12-16:…)

Delete the file on your filesystem and reimport the one from tar.gz or zip file of 1.11 release.