ZF-11262: typo "paramaters" in Zend_Ldap API reference


The description for Zend_Ldap bind(string $username, string $password) contains:

If both paramaters are omitted the binding will be carried out with the credentials given in the connection and binding parameters.

"paramaters" should be spelled "parameters".…

By the way, I didn't understand what this is saying. I now understand after reading the connect() description: All parameters are optional and will be taken from the LDAP connection and binding parameters passed to the instance via the construtor or via Zend_Ldap::setOptions() when set to NULL.

There is another typo here, "construtor" instead of "constructor".


Thank You for report. Solved at SVN r23886 with Zend_Log-Overview.xml and Zend_Service_Amazon_Ec2-Elasticip.xml that have same TYPO.