ZF-11265: Zend_Mime_Decode::decodeQuotedPrintable() doesn't work at all


The method decodeQuotedPrintable() of Zend_Mime_Decode does not decode "quoted-printable" content.

It internally calls iconv_mime_decode(). However, this PHP function performs an entirely different action.

Instead, quoted_printable_decode() would have to be used.

However, decodeQuotedPrintable() is not used at any other place in the Zend framework. Also, it is unlikely that any other application uses this method, as it doesn't work. Since quoted_printable_decode() already performs this job very well, it is unclear to me why this method exists at all.

So I propose to simply remove this method, in order to not confuse programmers anymore.


New patch: remove_useless_method_Zend_Mime_Decode_decodeQuotedPrintable.patch

remove the useless and non-functioning method Zend_Mime_Decode::decodeQuotedPrintable()

Instead, programmers should use the simple (and working) quoted_printable_decode() function.

Fixed along side linked issue ZF-10236