ZF-11283: Zend_Http_Response extract some headers with whitespace in the end


For the site Location header is "AxxerionFMS/fs3_site.nsf/htmlViewHomepage/website_45B33F2E8E5BAA7EC125746C005E596B " when Zend_Http_Client used, it's redirecting to new path, but can't:

Zend_Uri_Exception:Path "/AxxerionFMS/fs3_site.nsf/htmlViewHomepage/website_45B33F2E8E5BAA7EC125746C005E596B   " is not a valid HTTP path

I'd like to suggest to change Zend_Http_Response::extractHeaders() as follows (i.e. simply adding a trim() or rtrim() call):

--- a/library/Zend/Http/Response.php
+++ b/library/Zend/Http/Response.php
@@ -513,7 +513,7 @@ class Zend_Http_Response
                 $h_name = strtolower($m[1]);
-                $h_value = $m[2];
+                $h_value = trim($m[2], ' ');
                 if (isset($headers[$h_name])) {


I am unable to reproduce this with the specified URL. I will try to write a synthetic test to handle this though.

Fixed in r. 23863, merged into 1.11 release branch in 23864