ZF-11291: Incorrect date localisation with Zend_Date::DATE_MEDIUM


{quote} $date = new Zend_Date();

$date->toString(Zend_Date::DATE_MEDIUM); {quote}

With 'de' locale this code outputs a date with ??dd.MM.yyyy?? format (e.g 30.08.2009). With 'en' locale it outputs a date with ??MMM d, y?? format (e.g. Aug 30, 2008) instead of a +MM/dd/yyyy+ format


CLDR (or the official world) uses as medium date:

      <dateFormatLength type="medium">
          <pattern>MMM d, y</pattern>

When you think that these informations are wrong than there are three solutions:

1.) Use another constant which conforms your need 2.) Define the date format you want to have manually 3.) Add an issue to CLDR (

My opinion is that unicode knows what the correct informations are.

Therefor closing this issue as non-issue.