ZF-11296: CLONE - Zend_Date misses some stuff from RFC2822 - ZF1


From the beloved IRC: {quote} Fri, 14 Jan 2011 20:53:04 GMT Why does Zend_Date tell me that's not right acc. to rfc 2822? Freeaqingme TZ names are marked as obselete in the RFC, and the +XX is preferred perhaps so might be expecting +0000 instead still, 90%of all webservers give the obs-zone <|thomas_> Yes... RFC 2822 forces to have +/-0000 Timezone no hey, the RFC still says that it should accept obselete parts if its consistent zone = (( "+" / "-" ) 4DIGIT) / obs-zone that's what it says |thomas_ obselete is still supposed to be accepted according to the RFC as long as its not mixed. (2 digit years while obselete, still accepted 4 also) <|thomas_> But thats 822 so that datetime should be valid. |thomas_, the obselete 822 standard is incorporated in 2822, and should still be regarded valid |thomas_, do you want me to patch it? <|thomas_> That seems not to be the only problem... the spec I had and integrated seems to be outdated or partitially false. Please add an issue. There are also other differences I have to check according to the ABN[F] I just read{quote}


Issue was cloned from ZF-10949 to ZF-11296. First for zf2, latter for zf1.

Patch including a few unit-tests:

Having signed a CLA and knowing Moshe personally I will vouch for the legal implications regarding the patch in combination of him not having signed a CLA.

Committed in r24107, merged with branch 1.11 in r24108.