ZF-11322: [ZFDEV2] Invalid method declarations in \Zend\Locale\Data\AbstractLocale class


Methods without a method body appear at the end of \Zend\Locale\Data\AbstractLocale class:

public static function toInteger()
public static function toFloat()
public static function toDecimal()
public static function toScientific()

public static function toCurrency()

public static function toArray()
public static function toDateString()

Are they supposed to be abstract or implemented in the future? Right now they cause a php error because they are missing the body brackets {}.

I will add a pull request at github with those lines commented out.


Added pull request at github.

Zend_Locale is being reworked for ZF2.0. But the latest release has not been accepted for now as the rework is not finished completly.

You can see the latest work in this branch: https://github.com/thomasweidner/zf2/…

The mentioned issue is no problem within this branch. Therefor closing this issue as non-issue for Zend Locale.