ZF-11332: Double translation of form element's label


There is a method Zend_Form_Decorator_Label

    public function getLabel()
        if (null === ($element = $this->getElement())) {
            return '';

        $label = $element->getLabel();
        $label = trim($label);

        if (empty($label)) {
            return '';

        if (null !== ($translator = $element->getTranslator())) {
            $label = $translator->translate($label);


 is called the element asks his translator to translate the label. But this is also done by

a bit later. We have two calls to translator instead of one.


@Alex Please use always the search function before create a new ticket. Thanks.

I did search but got no relevant results by the keyword I entered... Glad to hear you have already put the issue into task queue.