ZF-11348: Patch to add Remote image writing on PDF from HTTP/S Source


Zend_Pdf did not allow image creation from a remote source, I.E. HTTP. Unfortunately for dynamic image parsing from the web, we needed this functionality

A simple fix for us was to modify PDF/Resource Class Zend_Pdf_Resource_ImageFactory::factory

below our fix

class Zend_Pdf_Resource_ImageFactory { public static function factory($filename) { // Oscars check remote file here.., read one char in to minimize traffic if((!is_file($filename) ) && ( file_get_contents( $filename, NULL, NULL, 0, 1) === false)) { require_once 'Zend/Pdf/Exception.php'; throw new Zend_Pdf_Exception("Cannot create image resource. File not found local or remote.");


If this could be added in the next release we would be very grateful.

Best Regards, Oscar Frowijn Ozkat Technologies


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