ZF-11366: Redirect loop detected (max_redirect = 7)


Above all, please forgive me for my bad english !

Since an upgrade from Zend 1.9.6 to 1.11.5, "Google Webmaster Tools" is warning me about an infinite redirect loop.

W3C's markup check ( results in the following: "I got the following unexpected response when trying to retrieve <>: 301 Moved Permanently More information about why this is happening may be available from warnings reported by the validator's HTTP (and other protocol) client library: Redirect loop detected (max_redirect = 7)"



How do you know if this is an issue with the router? Do you have any details?

I choosed the Zend_Controller_Router component. In fact, I don't know the cause of this bug. I can just notice that redirections errors appear with 1.11.5 and dissapear if I restore 1.9.6.

That could also be a bug of your code due to the upgrade. From time to time, there are some small BC breaks. Without any further information, I have to close this bug as "not an issue".

Ok, it's probably a bug in my code. You can close the bug. Thanks you