ZF-11379: Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Entry_Rss can't be easy extended


Due to requirements of some site which aggregates my feed I need to remove CDATA from category tag in rss feed. This section inserted in method Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Entry_Rss class::_setCategories(). So i decide to extend this class and modify method. This class initialized for every entry in rss feed on method Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Feed_Rss::render(). Class Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Entry_Rss hardcoded there, so calling of this class can't be modifeied. It will be useful to set class name "Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Entry_Rss" as protected property of class Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Feed_Rss, how it done in Zend_Db component with rows and rowsets. It will be easy to change entry renderer class just extending feed renderer class and modifying protected property.


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