ZF-11381: Zend Tools: It is not possible to create a new view script inside of the specified module (module parameter is not provided in "zf create view" command) (solution offered)


Here is an simple extension of class Zend_Tool_Project_Provider_View to resolve bug (valid for version 1.11.6):



< public function create($controllerName, $actionNameOrSimpleName)

public function create($controllerName, $actionNameOrSimpleName, $module = null)


< $view = self::createResource($profile, $actionNameOrSimpleName, $controllerName);

    $view = self::createResource($profile, $actionNameOrSimpleName, $controllerName, $module);


Suggested patch attached

Sasha - thanks for the report. Next time when you have also a patch to provide, follow the steps described here, Submitting a Bug Fix

Ohh, sorry! Thanks for help!

Fixed in trunk at r24067 and in release branch 1.11 at r24068 Committed by [~ralph]