ZF-11382: Unable to retrieve metadata from pdf using Zend_Pdf


Have successfully created PDF using Zend_Pdf, but cannot retrieve metadata. The code: $pdf = Zend_Pdf::load($pdfPath); //I can open this PDF and am able to see and save the xmp $metadata = $pdf->getMetadata(); //$metadata is null

The xmp file, saved from the xmp dialogue box after opening the PDF is:

<?xpacket begin="" id="W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d"?>"> D:201105030111-08'00'XMP UsernameXMP ProducerXMP TheraScan2011-05-08T13:54:53ZXMP Therapeias Health Management XMP Subject batch6747.pdf XMP Username

<?xpacket end="w"?>


Is this still an issue? Can you supply us with the actual PDF so we can reproduce the issue?