ZF-11384: Zend_Config_Yaml comment should allow indented comments


When commenting lines in yaml-config, comments can be started only from 0-position of string, to be processed correctly (to be ignored). Otherwise, by yaml-specification, comment can be started from any position of string, and text after comment should be ignored.

The patch is only replace {quote} if ($line[0] == '#') { // comment continue; } {quote} in Zend_Config_Yaml to {quote} $line = rtrim(preg_replace("/#.*$/", "", $line)); {quote}


Assigned to author of Zend_Config_Yaml

YAML specification indicates that comments can indeed be indented (see, Example 6.10). I've committed a fix and unit test to resolve this issue in r24090 and r24091

Merged to release-1.11 in r24092