ZF-11394: Testcase has bad doc block that makes auto-complete less efficient


Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase class has a bad doc block in getRequest and getResponse.

The doc block reports the return to be a Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract/Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract, when writing tests with this it means the autocomplete does not pickup in specific functions available in the Zend_Controller_Request_HttpTestCase/Zend_Controller_Response_HttpTestCase classes, making auto-complete less efficient.

Since the method always returns a Zend_Controller_Request_HttpTestCase i recommend altering the docblock.


I have written a patch for this. I have a CLA but i need to setup my svn env for contributing, this is easier right now.

Updated doc blocks

Not merged into release-1.11 branch

Merged into branch.