ZF-11396: Zend_Filter_Newline is missing from your framework


As you can see from below, the "StripNewLines" filter is totally missing from the latest downloadable version of your software 1.11.6, which I downloaded and installed today.

[root@happy Zend]# grep -R "Zend_Filter_StripNewLines" ./ [root@happy Zend]# grep -R "Zend_Filter_Alnum" ./ ./Validate/Alnum.php: * @var Zend_Filter_Alnum ./Validate/Alnum.php: * @return Zend_Filter_Alnum Provides a fluent interface ./Validate/Alnum.php: * @see Zend_Filter_Alnum ./Validate/Alnum.php: self::$_filter = new Zend_Filter_Alnum();

It's available in your docs:…


Problem in the documentation is StripNewlines and not StripNewLines, see letter L is upper case.

As noted by Ramon, the filter name is case sensitive, so searching for StripNewLines will not find it (nor will it load using that case combination).