ZF-11471: bootstrap fails to interpret route


My application works fine on XAMPP on the local host.

In moving it to a host with Redhat 6.0, the bootstrap breaks on _initRoutes().

The result is .htaccess is ignored and route not found.

I find suggestions to modify vhost.conf as follows:

Order Allow Deny Allow form All AllowOverride All Include /var/www/vhosts/

This change has no effect.

What am I missing?


Closing this as it appears to be as support request and not an issue.

Please direct support requests to #zftalk on irc, or the fw-general mailing list.

It is quite possible that overrides are not allowed by default on your new server so your update in the vhost.conf would be required.

the name _initRoutes could be conflicting with and routes defined in your config, but without code examples to back it up, it is impossible to know. This could also be a nameing case issue, as you appear to be moving from a case insensitive file system, to a case sensitive one.